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If you received a traffic ticket, would like to reduce the points on your driving record, would like to reduce your insurance premiums, or would simply like to become a better driver by learning about current traffic laws - take an online course with e State Traffic School. Many states have approved driving school with e State Traffic School to improve your driving record and increase your defensive driving techniques. e State Traffic School uses course work developed in 1992. The classes we offer online have an important goal to making drivers more safe. This new approach to driving safety adopts the following:

  • APPROACH - The National Traffic Safety Institute, established in 1974, offers a new approach to driving safety. Personal accountability is stressed as the student explores an interactive curriculum based upon proven behavioral modification principals. We stress the importance of personal choice in behavioral change.
  • ALLIANCES - NTSI & American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) have formed a business alliance to bring an extensive selection of programs available to the corporate market. Classes are offered in Korean, Spanish, English, Vietnamese and American Sign Language.
  • METHODOLOGY - All of the classes we offer online share a common goal - making drivers safer. Our online sessions are enhanced with visually attractive media and entertaining examples that make learning easier and more effective. The quizzes and final test are strategically placed to help re-assert what the participant has learned.

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